I'm a focused, self-motivated, determined individual with a creative mind and a natural attitude towards problem-solving

My work: Email Design

Money Health Check

A campaign to entice customers to check their financial health state and provide the top products for credit cards, loans, current accounts, savings accounts and mortages. The campaign also provided a guide below each financial category for positive affirmation.

TravelSupermarket newsletter

This campaign was part of a collaborative piece with the website to showcase the best deals on the site. Here is the wireframe and the final design. It took some fine tuning and the number of deals for each section needed to be explored. The final email was set up as a text driven email so that the travel team could make updates themselves.

Play your cards right

This was a credit cards campaign to show that the customer could reap benefits from a credit card. I illustrated the playing cards to show the benefits in a visual way. This campaign had a higher than average click through rate.

Energy follow up email

The design shows the user how easy it is to switch energy suppliers and shows all methods of switching whilst offering an energy guide for those who need support.

Home Bill Checker

This email contained a summary of a customers search results driven by the Home Bill Checker for energy, home insurance and broadband deals in their postcode. The design needed to reflect the site and I mobile optimised it for cross-platform compatibility.

Linear vs 2 column layout

This was a test to see if a linear product layout would perform better than a 2 column layout on the Top 10 deals email. This was tested on a 50/50 split of the base and the linear layout gave a 1.03% uplift to the campaign. The linear version was rolled out for the next send.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

My work: Web Design

Cyril Arnold Accountants

Cyril Arnold wanted to create an online presence for their experienced and successful business. I created a simple and clean design which portrays a professional look and feel.

Decision Risks International

I designed a homepage for the site to show the range of forensic services they provide. I believe the design is professional and trustworthy and the company was very happy with the result.

Executive CV

Executive-CV.com is a sister website to a large recruitment site and was designed in 2009. I was therefore required to create a new fresh design for their new site which had a professional look and feel.

Ready Set Plumb

This site was for a plumber based in Sydney. The design needed to show him as a service professional and this was the design we came to agreement with. Basic persuasion techniques where used on this site i.e. social proof, positive affirmation and trust.

TPS - Building & Plastering Contractors

A site to show a builder’s wide range of services available for hire. The design needed to be slick and clear which I believe I’ve achieved. The large quote form is a constant throughout the site to drive enquiries.

When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.

My work: Logo Design

Wife, friend, designer, illustrator, adventurer, surfer (beginner), hiker, juice lover and all around good gal


Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens

Experience design lead at AutoTrader
I worked with Fiona for over 3 years at moneysupermarket.com. What Fiona doesn't know about email isn't worth knowing. She has great design skills but more importantly understands how a customer - a real life person actually behaves and thinks. Fiona is comfortable presenting and debating creatives to a high level within any business and is never afraid to say 'no' if there is a design/UX decision she doesn't agree with. Fiona works well in a team and is great to bounce ideas off. Code wise etc I know she is an expert, passionately pushing for excellence across platforms, particularly mobile.
Darren Williams

Darren Williams

UI/Product Designer at MoneySuperMarket.com
I worked with Fiona for 3 and a half years at MoneySuperMarket, and saw her develop into a quality Email Designer with strong UX and technical skills. Fiona is an ideal member of any Creative team, as she is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about what she does - demonstrated by the countless times she has gone above and beyond to achieve her goals.

During her time at MoneySuperMarket, Fiona has taken the email communications onto another level - using what can, at times, be a very restrictive technology, but still managing to create high quality user centred designs.

I couldn't recommend Fiona more, and would love the opportunity to work with her again in the future.
Simon Boutros

Simon Boutros

Consultant at Success International Consulting
Fiona has provided us with a fantastic service since 2009 and has always given us fresh and creative ideas, Quality designs and efficient project delivery. We recommend Fiona to anyone needing Value Added design services!
Justin Finch

Justin Finch

Operations / Business Development Director at ExecutivesOnTheWeb
Fiona is an outstanding talented individual who has assisted me in the development of many innovative products. As a team player her attitude was extremely positive and contribution to creative design was extremely helpful to our business.

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